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12/12/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
December is a time for Christmas, presents and Santa Claus. But this year, don’t let the Lapland travellor be the only one sporting a beard with seasonal greetings.

Decembeard is the name and growing a beard is their game. Beating Bowel Cancer an organisation dedicated to saving lives by working in partnership with individuals, local communities, clinical communities and government to improve public awareness of bowel cancer and to increase the rate of early diagnosis.

Last year, over 80 'Beardys' followed Radio Two DJ Chris Evans as he grew a beard for bowel cancer, raising £20,000.

This year, they are trying to raise £40,000 – the annual cost of paying for a specialist Beating Bowel Cancer Nurse Advisor.

decembeard.jpg'Beardys' is the affectionate name given to anyone participating in Decembeard are able to promote and show support of the organisation. Anyone can do it – from children to adults, women and men. Decembeard offers 'free false beards' on their  website for anyone who would like to ‘find’ a beard .

Raising awareness of bowel cancer is really important: one in four people are affected by bowel cancer, either directly or through friends or family. It is the second biggest cancer killer, claiming one life every half an hour. By opening discussion – and raising awareness; people who may be suffering can be diagnosed and treated earlier; saving more lives.

So have a go: get a 'Beard Buddys' and start the race for a prickly face!