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Global Handwashing Day

15/10/2012 | By Peter Walker
It's global handwashing day .. but don't worry if you're reading this after the 'big event' you have plenty of time to scrub up.

Faecal Bacteria, or good old poo to you and I is found in high concentrations on one in six mobile phones, lots of money and far too many hands according to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Also Queen Mary, University of London, found that many Brits lie about their hand washing or lack thereof.

Some have said that bacteria are no bad thing, yet we are sorry to report that the bacteria found in poo are not the same good bacteria that are part of our healthy flora and fauna.

Fact is, as much as 50% diarrhoea could be prevented by proper hand washing. Also  and perhaps more surprising, is that hand washing has also been shown to as a good way of preventing acute respiratory infections. So getting is to the habit now could save you from a nasty flu. 

It’s a global issue with millions of children dying each year due to illness and disease caused by poor hygiene.

Here in the UK there are some key messages:

It is vital we all wash our hands every time we ...
  • Go to the toilet
  • Prepare or eat food
  • Go near anyone vulnerable

Gels & Wipes have their place, but nothing can beat the bug busting power of simple soap and warm water as this removes some of the oils in the skin that harbour the bugs.  A good wash must include palms, backs of hands, between the fingers and nails. Hospitals are now teaching just how we should wash our hands, if we are to be effective.

So the message is clear, save yourself or someone else, from a nasty illness or worse by simply washing your hands. Make it a routine and rest soundly knowing your doing your bit for the team at  Global hand washing day.