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NHS hospital mixed sex accommodation breaches almost 200 a month.

21/09/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
Mixed-sex wards have been a real source of concern for patients using National Health Service (NHS) facilities. In December 2010 there were 11,802 mixed-sex breaches. However, the NHS has been working hard to reduce numbers, and according to a new report by the Department of Health, they are now down by 36 per cent from 249 in July  to 160 in August 2012. Although the majority of hospitals reported no breaches (136 trusts (84%) so parts of the country had a significant number. 

The largest number of breaches were found in London (Strategic Health authority (SHA)) which reported 100 over the month of August and North West SHA (22 breaches) and South West SHA (19 breaches)  All of the breaches were in the Acute Trusts.

The NHS states that patients:
• Should not have to share sleeping accommodation with others of the opposite sex.
• Should have access to segregated bathroom and toilet facilities and should not have to pass through opposite-sex areas to reach those facilities.
• Who are female, and being treated in mental health units, should have access to women-only day spaces.

The improvement in mixed sex breaches is an improvement in the health service. Private healthcare for insured or self pay patients either in a private hospital or the private wing of a NHS hospital always provide private rooms with comfortable surroundings.