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Secret NHS Report on BBC Scotland

26/11/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
An investigation into previously unreleased data around serious incidents in NHS Scotland will be aired this evening. The BBC Scotland documentary will highlight hundreds of previously secret NHS reports into serious incidents, including over 300 incidents and 100 deaths. These details have been recently released by the NHS boards, with disturbing results. Incidents included, possible negligence using oxygen therapy, drug over dosing, a death of a baby during labour and a surgeon removing a healthy organ. As the program explains, there was a high degree of variation in terms of the types incidents and the investigations following between NHS boards. This demonstrates a huge need to define and regulate what a serious incident is and what action should be taken in order that the organisation can improve patient care.

Fiona Walker will be uncovering new evidence about what is going wrong and questions how much we can trust the NHS. The programme will talk to both people who believe their care has caused them harm as well as experts who will discuss whether the NHS is really learning from its mistakes or simply carrying on. There will also be interviews of whistleblowers about how staff who raise concerns face can victimisation.

Mistakes on the NHS not only reduce trust between patients and medical stuff; but also add to the already stretched0 financial burden as there are increasing compensation claims: it has been reported that the Scottish NHS has paid out over £120 million over the last three years.

The report, whilst worrying, does highlight the need for regulation together with improved protocols; which may hopefully help to improve services in the future. 

BBC Scotland Investigates: How Safe is Your Hospital is on BBC One Scotland at 22:35 on Monday 26 November.