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Why is travel insurance important?

GlobePlanning a holiday takes time and money. Despite your better intentions, life is unpredictable and you may find yourself in a difficult situation in an unfamiliar place. This is why it is important to have cover should the worst happen.

When you are abroad, you may think that your credit card or the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cover you for unforeseen circumstances, but these can only offer partial cover at best.

A travel insurance plan can give you peace of mind if:
  • You have an accident and need emergency medical attention.
  • Your flight has been cancelled or delayed due to bad weather or natural disaster
  • The airline you booked with goes bankrupt and cancels all your flights
  • Your bag is stolen and you need emergency cash
  • You have a bereavement in the family and you need to cancel or postpone your trip
  • You need to buy some essential items as your baggage is delayed or lost