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Cooking classes in pharmacies

13/08/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
As NHS resources as more constrained then ever, pharmacy will be playing a more important role in health care. In fact, the Department of Health has described it as "probably the biggest untapped resource for health improvement".

Already, you can visit your pharmacy for weight issues, blood pressure checks, sexual health testing and support around stopping smoking. But other changes are in the pipeline and Health Living Pharmacies may soon be helping to provide information, support and advice around a number of health issues.

In Portsmouth, pharmacies are working hard to prioritise community wellbeing and take a approach to community health. This includes setting up cooking demonstrations for local coeliacs, providing small play areas for children to create posters on healthy eating, as well as creating a’ bar’ in the pharmacy to improve understanding of what  alcohol units mean in real life situations. .

So next time you pop into your pharmacy for some paracetamol, take a look and see what else they might be able to offer you. Ask your pharmacist about weight loss, smoking cessation and blood pressure monitoring. Some pharmacies may also sell travel insurance and private medical health insurance. If you are interested in either of these, why not compare our health insurance policies?