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GPs asking more patients about private health insurance

30/07/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
A recent survey, shows that there are an increasing number of GPs asking patients about private healthcare.

The survey, carried out by Spire Healthcare, shows that 58%, of the 1,015 GPs surveyed,  were asking more patients about private medical insurance compared to six months ago. This is over double compared to the same time last year, when a similar survey found that just 24% of GPs asked their patients about private healthcare.

Doctors in the south of the country, and especially London, were more likely to ask patients about private healthcare with about 70% of GPs more likely to ask about health insurance.  Travelling around the country, GPs with the lowest increase, were in the north east of the country, but even then it was about 44%.

Reasons for this increase in enquiries around private healthcare, may be due to rationing of certain procedures in the NHS especially on treatments such as knee and hip replacements, IVF and cataract surgery.

When questioned, the majority of GPs (54%) said that felt comfortable directing patients to private treatment. As private health plans become more and more affordable, it is likely that there will be an increasing number of GPs asking and directing patients to private health treatment centres next year.