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One in five Brits go on holiday without travel insurance

15/08/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
Research by ABTA (Consumer Trends) highlights that as many as one in five British holidaymakers travel abroad uninsured.

18% of people surveyed believed that their travel agent or airline would cover their costs if their flight was cancelled. One in four 15-24 year olds believed that the UK government would cover their health bills, even though there is no cover for UK citizens via the NHS even within the EU.

Alarmingly, adventure travellers were the most negligent, with 36% of them confessing to never or only sometimes checking whether their travel insurance would cover the sports or activities they were planning on holiday.

Although 17% of people had a European Health Insurance Card when travelling in Europe, not all of them realised that this only covered basic state medical care; 26% of people mistakenly believed repatriation costs were also covered by the card.

Medical cost abroad can be very expensive. Ensure that you have adequate coverage for your hospital bills and flights home, as well as cover for missed flights or cancelled holidays. A travel insurance is the best investment you can make when going on holiday that will give you peace of mind if the worst happens. 

If you are living or volunteering abroad, an international private health insurance might be a better option as it provides a comprehensive health cover not available through a travel insurance.