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Rare and uncommon conditions will be nationally commissioned from April 2013.

11/09/2012 | By Sharmila Chauhan
Rare or uncommon conditions such as AIDs, cleft lips and some genetic conditions, are managed on the NHS by specialised health services. These services are not usually provided nationwide, but are instead pooled together in larger hospitals in cities.

However, a new report by the Clinical Advisory Group for Prescribed Services recommends that things are changed so that all patients have equal access to specialist services irrespective of where they live. Under the new guidelines, the services will be commissioned across the country by the NHS Commissioning Board.

“The NHS is there to treat all of the public’s needs, including those with rare and uncommon conditions. It is vital that these services are not only available to the public, but that they are of the highest possible quality.” Said the Health Minister Lord Howe.

The Department of Health will now consult with the NHS Commissioning Board on these recommendations. A final set of guidelines will be published in the winter detailing what services will be covered.