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Freedom Your Choice Health Insurance

Get full control of your health cover with the health cash payment policy. You choose how to use your money your way. 

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Choose how to use your money

With Freedom Your Choice you make the decision:

  • How to Use Your Money - Choose whether you would like to be treated privately or on the NHS. If you choose the NHS you could receive a cash lump sum.
  • Where to Get Treated -  Choose any private hospitals in the UK or worldwide. You are not restricted by any hospital lists.

Your Choice Key Features

Health cover cash

If you choose to get treated on the NHS you will receive a cash lump sum OR pay for private treatment keep any surplus or top-up.

medical insurance fast treatment

Helping you to find treatment at a time that suits you, without long waiting lists.

Health cover insurance worldwide


Whatever you need, we can help you to find the closest, nearest, fastest treatment centre.

Health cover insurance alternative therapies

Freedom Your Choice will also support you in using alternative treatment providers.

insurance health oncology cover

All levels of Your Choice cover oncology tests.

insurance health psychiatric care

Freedom Your Choice can cover psychiatric conditions including both in-patient and out-patient treatment.

A policy that is as flexible as you need it to be... 

With Freedom Your Choice medical insurance - you choose how to use your money and where and how you would like to use your policy.

You Choose How:

We keep it simple. You pay for your health cover – you decide how to use it. Even though you have private medical insurance, you don’t have to use it for private treatment.
  • If you want to use the NHS you will be entitled to a cash lump sum that you can use however you like.
  • If you choose private healthcare, there are no hospital lists or restrictions on how or where you can use your policy. Any difference between how much your treatment costs and your policy allowance is paid back to you.

You Choose Where:

You can get treated anywhere, worldwide. Freedom Your Choice health insurance gives you the opportunity to choose the world's healthcare centres that meet your health needs.

You could get treated in a:
  • NHS hospitals –  You get a cash lump sum to spend as you wish.  
  • Private centre:
    • UK – You are a cash buyer so you can shop around  or we can find you a consultant & hospital that suits your location and budget. You can pocket any saving or top up as required.
    • Private centre abroad – You can be treated anywhere abroad that you like. Again, you pocket any savings you make.

Find out how much money you could get for using the NHS and some common treatment costs in private medical centres

You Choose When:

Life is busy. With the Freedom Choice health cover you can choose to get treated at a time that is most convenient to you. You may get prompt treatment with the NHS or choose a private health centre which is able to provide treatment at short notice. If you need fast treatment – we can help you to find it.

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