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What is Your Choice Health Insurance?

Freedom Your Choice provides low cost, comprehensive health insurance for individuals, couples and families with children. Find out what the key benefits are and how Your Choice works.

If you have any more questions, please see our FAQs. Remember, we are here to help; if anything is unclear, please use the contact us form or email us to [email protected]

How Much Does Your Choice Health Insurance Cost?

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If you’re:

  • A single person = can cost as little as £18.08/month or 60 pence per day

  • A couple = can cost as little as £35.41/month or 59 pence a day/ per person

  • A young family = can cost as little as £44.48/month or £1.49/per day/ whole family

The above is an illustration on costs per month as a guide and should not be used for any other purposes. It includes a £200 excess and in-patient benefit of £30,000 for an 18 year old individual, couple or family (19 year old mother and father with a 1 year old child).

Who is Your Choice Health Insurance Suitable For?

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Choose Your Choice - if you’re:

  • Single
  • Couple
  • Young family or single parent family
  • Self-employed - you can use the payout for NHS treatment to help cover your expenses during recovery.
  • If you have family abroad and would like to be treated there
  • If you’d like to experience medical treatment abroad in some of the leading medical centres

What is the Method of Underwriting?

Freedom Your Choice private medical insurance can be underwritten using either Moratorium or Full Medical Underwriting (FMU). To find out what these are and which one suits your particular situation please see our about underwriting page or get in touch through our online chat tool (bottom right corner).