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Freedom Essentials

Cost-conscious health insurance that provides a fixed cash benefit to get treated in the UK or abroad.

Freedom Essentials Health Insurance

Freedom Essentials is our newly launched health insurance cover designed to help cost-conscious people get a good level of health insurance cover. Freedom Essentials gives your clients a fixed cash benefit for eligible inpatient and day-patient treatment which they can use to get treated privately in the UK or abroad as a self-pay patient. If they decide to use the NHS instead, a 50% of the cash benefit will be paid to spend however they want.

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Why Choose Freedom Essentials For Your Customers

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Choose Any Hospital

Your client can get treated at any medical facility in the UK or abroad.

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No Annual Cover Limits

For all benefits in the core cover including inpatient & day-patient treatment.

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Optional Benefits

Choice of outpatient benefits such as dental, optical and specialist fees.

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2-Year Fixed Premium

The premium won’t rise at the first renewal regardless of any claims made†.

†2-year fixed premium terms and conditions 

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Freedom Essentials Core Cover

With no annual limit, the Freedom Essentials core cover provides a fixed cash benefit based on the average cost of medical services, towards the cost of eligible inpatient and day-patient treatment. The fixed cash benefit is paid straight to your client so they can arrange the treatment directly with the hospital under a self-pay contract.

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Freedom Essentials core cover includes:

  • Inpatient and day-patient treatment

Your clients can choose any hospital in the UK or abroad and arrange treatment directly with the facility. If the treatment’s cost is less than the cash benefit received, the difference can be kept. If it’s more, your client will be responsible for any shortfall.

  • Cancer cash benefit

Freedom Essentials offers a fixed cash benefit equal to 50% of the fixed cash benefit available under the inpatient and day-patient benefit for active cancer treatment. On top of this, we also pay £150 for each session of chemotherapy or radiotherapy as part of a course of active cancer treatment.

  • NHS cash benefit

If your client chooses to get inpatient or day-patient treatment under the NHS instead of going to a private hospital, we will pay 50% of the fixed cash benefit otherwise paid by the policy. Please see the Essential Brochure below for more information.

  • Other health benefits 

Cover for pregnancy complications, dental surgical procedure and MRI, CT and PET scans are also included in the Freedom Essentials core cover.

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Freedom Essentials Optional Outpatient Benefits

Freedom Essentials also offers an optional benefit package for outpatient treatment that takes place in the UK which can be added to the core cover.

More on the optional cover

Freedom Essentials optional outpatient cover includes:

  • Diagnostic tests requested by a GP. Limits apply.
  • Specialist fees and physiotherapy treatment. Limits apply.
  • Outpatient procedures needed to treat an acute condition. Limits apply.
  • Routine dental costs to maintain oral hygiene. Limits apply.
  • Optical costs such eye tests, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Limits apply.
  • Maternity cash benefit for each child born after the start date of the policy. Limits apply.

Please see the Essential Brochure for more information.

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The Freedom Essentials doesn't provide cover for:

  • Cancer treatment (other than cancer cash benefit)

  • Complications following overseas treatment

  • Pre-existing conditions (unless we have approved treatment relating to them)

  • Chronic conditions

  • Failure to have inpatient or daypatient treatment within six months of it being authorised 

  • Psychiatric treatment 

  • Screening, monitoring or preventative treatment

This is not the full list of exclusions. Please refer to the Essentials Brochure for more information.

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For more information and for the terms and conditions, please see the following documents: