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Help your employees thrive with our business health insurance policy which is tailored to their health needs and your business objectives.

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Why buy our business health insurance?

Not only does business health insurance give your employees peace of mind, it shows that they are a valued part of your business. Our health insurance cover options are designed to help keep your employees healthy, productive and satisfied in their job role and helps businesses reduce costs and maintain a positive working environment.

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Price Match

Price Match

If you find a cheaper UK business health insurance quote elsewhere for similar benefits, we'll try to match it.

Protect Your Budget

Protect Your Budget

We operate a pricing models based on a development of community rating, removing premium instability caused by no claims discount models.

Personal Service

Personal Service

With dedicated customer service and an easy claims process, UK businesses have been trusting us since 2003.

What Our Customers Say About Freedom Health Insurance

SME Health Insurance

SME Health Insurance

Whether it is about managing productivity and absence or encouraging engagement, Freedom Health Insurance puts you in control. You can opt for basic small business health insurance plans offering essential benefits or more comprehensive packages that include a wide range of optional features, all focused on delivering better employee health management.

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Self-Employed Health Insurance

Self-Employed Health Insurance

When you are self-employed, you become your greatest asset, and if something happens to you, your business could be directly affected. Having the assurance you can get access to medical treatment quickly has never been more important. With Freedom you have the flexibility to build a healthcare plan that suits your healthcare needs. And you also have the option to add your family to the policy.

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Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate Health Insurance

If you are looking to implement a wellbeing strategy in your business, we are here to help you. Private company health insurance can be more affordable than many believe and, depending on the number of members on the policy, certain discounts can be offered. Whether you are looking for a UK medical insurance plan or international health cover, we can help you find the right one.

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What our Business Health Insurance covers

The table below depicts the core cover of our UK business health insurance

Depending on your choice, optional health benefits can be included in your cover

Benefit Limits Significant exclusions or limitations
Specialist fees Full refund Fees must be in line with our schedule of procedures
Hospital fees Full refund  
Pregnancy complications   Specific conditions shown in the policy booklet.
Maternity cash benefit £150 for each child Only after being insured for at least 10 months.
Dental surgery   Specific procedures shown in the policy booklet.
Home nursing Full refund for up to 13 weeks Under the supervision of a specialist.
Private road ambulance Full refund Only covered when necessary for medical reasons.
NHS cash benefit 

£200 per night for inpatient & £100 per night for daypatient

For treatment received in an NHS hospital as an NHS patient that would be covered under the policy. No benefit is paid for time spent in an NHS accident and emergency department.
MRI, CT and PET scans Full refund On specialist referral only

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Business health insurance FAQs

How does company health insurance work in the UK?

Firstly, you need to choose the right business health insurance plan for your business’s (and employees’) needs. You can contact us today if you would like to discuss your options. 

Employees will need to follow our claims process according to the type of company health insurance cover you have. Typically, if an employee becomes ill or has a medical issue, they should speak to their GP and obtain a referral letter if they are required to have further treatment. They will then need to get in touch with our company health insurance claims team before they see any specialists or have any tests.

For more information on making a claim, please refer to our claims page.

Is company health insurance worth it?

Company health insurance has many business and employees benefits, including:

  • Employees will feel more valued - when employees feel valued in their job, they can feel a greater sense of job satisfaction which can result in increased productivity and motivation. 

  • It helps to attract and retain employees - the benefit of having a business health insurance package can be attractive to prospective staff and can help to retain current employees as they feel more valued. 

  • It supports positive mental health in the workplace and shows that your company cares about staff wellbeing.

  • It helps to reduce the number of employee sick days - as employees will have access to private medical treatments and care (and won’t have to experience long waits for NHS treatments), they will benefit from shorter waiting times and more convenient appointment times. If you are self-employed, accessing private medical care helps you to get back on your feet to reduce unpaid sick days. 

  • You can get group discounts - depending on the number of staff you have on the company health insurance policy, you can receive some discounts to the group cover. 

  • You can add family members - here at Freedom Health insurance our business health insurance allows employees to add the partner and children to their health plan (plus, after the first child, other children are insured for free). 

What types of business health insurance do you offer?

Here at Freedom Health Insurance we offer three types of business health insurance policies:

  • Self-employed

We recognise that when you are ill or need medical treatment, your business can be directly impacted by your absence and inability to carry out tasks as usual. Our Self-employed Business Health Insurance helps to reduce the amount of unpaid sick days taken and aims to preserve good physical and mental health.

  • SME

Our SME Business Health Insurance is for small businesses and gives your employees access to private health care, helping to reduce sick days and improve staff loyalty and productivity. 

  • Corporate

Our Corporate Business Health Insurance is designed for large businesses and helps to protect employees’ mental and physical health. 

For more information on our range of company health insurance policies, contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you. 

Is company health insurance tax deductible?

Private medical insurance provided by an employer is considered a company benefit and is usually tax deductible with members usually having to pay tax on the cost of their insurance premiums.

How much does business health insurance cost in the UK?

The cost of business health insurance is dependent on the type of business medical insurance you need, the level of cover you require and the number of employees you wish to cover under the policy. Get in touch for a quote on business health insurance.

Do small businesses have to offer company health insurance?

No, small businesses are not legally obligated to offer health insurance to their employees (whether they work full-time or part-time). That said, there are many benefits to offering your staff private health insurance, including employee retention, reducing the number of sick days taken and attracting new talent for your teams.

What is included in business health insurance?

Here at Freedom Health Insurance, we provide a range of cover options. Depending on the business health insurance plan you choose, your employees could benefit from the following:

  • Accommodation in private hospitals for inpatient medical treatment

  • Outpatient and day-patient treatment (including specialist fees, physiotherapy and diagnostic tests)

  • Choice of consultants and private hospitals to receive treatment from

  • Cancer cover

  • 24/7 access to a virtual GP with our GP24 service

There are some things which aren’t generally covered under a private health insurance policy (such as chronic and pre-existing conditions). You can find a full list of exclusions in your policy document.

How do I buy health insurance for employees?

Simply complete the contact form on this page with your details and the number of people you would like to cover under the policy. We will then give you a call back to get the information we need to give you a quote that meets your needs.

Leaving your company’s health insurance scheme? You can easily switch to Freedom Elite on a similar cover.

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