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Virtual GP 24/7

Get access to a GP when you need it most, no matter where you are in the UK.

Access GP24

This service is available to all new and existing Freedom Elite, Freedom Essentials or Freedom Your Choice customers.

At Freedom Health Insurance, we understand how important it is to have access to a GP when you need it the most, especially during these uncertain times with the NHS under such strain due to the spread of COVID-19. We are therefore pleased to announce the launch of our new service available to all our UK health insurance customers at no additional cost.

The virtual GP service, GP24, delivered in partnership with Health Hero, gives you phone access to a GP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year wherever you are. You get access to medical advice, reassurance and diagnosis when you need it the most.

With e-consultations you get access to an online video consultation with a GP from the comfort of your own home or place of work, between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day).

GP24 - Virtual GP

With our new virtual GP service, you get:

  • 24/7 access to a GP via telephone
  • Online video consultations – 8am to 10pm daily (excluding Christmas Day)
  • Open referral letters for further treatment
  • Private prescriptions (there is a non-refundable charge for prescribed medication and delivery)
  • Health information
  • Message a doctor service

How do I access the GP24 service?

To access GP24 just call 0345 222 3706* or visit to book an online video appointment. Please have your policy number at hand.

This pdf leaflet will also provide you with more information. 

Who can access the GP24 service?

The virtual GP service is available to all UK-based clients with a Freedom Elite, Freedom Essentials or Freedom Your Choice policy. This includes individual policies and group policies.

Patient Satisfaction Overview

Results based on a customer satisfaction survey completed by Freedom clients who have used the GP24 virtual GP between July 2020 - December 2020. 

9 3 Percentage Numbers

of patients rate the overall experience they received through GP24 as excellent, very good or good

8 0 Percentage Number

of patients would recommend our service to a friend or colleague

1 0 0 Percentage Number

of patients rate the appointment booking process as very good or good

Patient Testimonials

Anonymous Patient 1
“Very good and convenient service which needs to be publicised more.”
Anonymous Patient 2
“The whole process and consultation were easy and efficient. Doctor was very friendly and understanding.”
Anonymous Patient 3
“Prescription issuing and coordinating very easy and simple.”


Is there a limit to the number of calls I can make?

No. Patients can contact the GP advice line as often as needed, there is no limit to phone or webcam consultations.

Will I still need to see a GP?

Most patients receive the advice, reassurance and, where appropriate, diagnosis they need from the GP24 doctors. GP24 doctors can assist with most health concerns, but if a patient’s symptoms require a physical examination, or need a repeat prescription, they may be referred to their own GP.

Can the GPs issue a prescription?

Yes, GPs can arrange and electronically authorise private prescription medication. The online pharmacy will then contact the patient to arrange delivery of the medication to a nominated UK address. The pharmacy will take payment via credit or debit card.

Private prescription medication is subject to a full consultation with the GP taking into consideration presented symptoms, medical history and any current medication. Medication will only be issued where the GP believes it is clinically appropriate, on a case by case basis. Where appropriate, and as advised by the GP, private medication can be collected from a local pharmacy nominated by the patient. There is a non-refundable charge for prescribed medication and delivery.

Can the GPs issue referrals to specialists?

Should the GP feel that a patient would benefit from a specialist assessment or further treatment they can provide an open private referral letter. This referral is for private medical care only and will not be accepted for services in the NHS. Referral letters can be posted or emailed directly according to patient preference. Please note the private referral is not a claims authorisation. Patients will still need to contact Freedom Health Insurance prior to receiving any treatment, unless self-funding.

What happens if I don’t have internet, can I still have a private prescription over the phone?

Yes, our service doesn’t require an internet connection to access the GP. Our telephone consultation service provides 24/7 telephone access to a GP, and should the doctor feel it was necessary, they can issue private prescription medication and open referrals, remotely.

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GP24 is not yet available to Freedom Worldwide customers