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Family Health Insurance

Protect your family with a health insurance plan that covers your loved ones' private medical treatment.

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What is a family health insurance plan?

Family health insurance works similarly to an individual health insurance plan, but instead of getting separate health insurance policies for each member of your family, you pay for a single policy that covers you, your partner and all your children.

A family private health insurance policy will generally cover the costs of private medical treatment of your family members when developing illnesses and acute conditions after the start date of your policy. 

Essentially, family medical insurance will give yourself and members of your family protection in the event of someone falling ill and requiring medical support and treatment. Private medical insurance allows you to bypass the long NHS waiting times so you can get the treatment and medical attention you need quickly and easily. 

Find out more about what family health insurance is or how health insurance works in general and get a quote now.

Benefits of family private health insurance

Similarly to an individual medical plan, a family private health insurance policy usually includes cover for inpatient and day-patient treatment, cancer cover and a range of optional benefits such as outpatient cover, mental health care or alternative therapies. Furthermore, family health insurance comes with some additional benefits and features that can help you take better care of your loved ones should they fall ill. 

Pregnancy complications

A miscarriage or a birth complication can be an emotionally intense experience for a family. Some family health insurance plans provide cover in case of pregnancy complications including loss of pregnancy or emergency Caesarean sections . A waiting period may apply after the start of your policy before you can take advantage of this benefit.

Newborns added to the policy after birth are covered from day one

You can often add a newborn baby to your family health insurance policy (within a certain time frame) without normally having to provide any medical history. This means the baby will be covered for any medical conditions after birth (excluding congenital diseases).

With some insurance companies such as Freedom Health Insurance, you will also receive a maternity cash benefit for each child born after your policy’s start date. A qualifying period usually applies.  

Adding multiple children to your policy at no extra cost

Some health insurance companies may allow you to add multiple children to your family health insurance policy at discounted rates. 

With Freedom Health Insurance, you only pay for the first child added to any of our UK plans, while any additional children will be covered for free. 

Family health insurance can be a more affordable option

A family private health insurance will allow you to cover multiple family members under a single, often discounted policy rather than having to pay for individual policies for yourself and each dependent. 

You can choose to pay for your insurance policy monthly or annually. If you opt to pay annually on your Freedom Health Insurance policy, you can save 6% on your annual premium. 

Cover your children over 18

Many family private health insurance plans will continue to cover your children even after they turn 18. Freedom Health Insurance will cover your children up until their 25th birthday. 

Free accommodation for a parent when your child is in hospital

When your child is in hospital, being apart from each other can put extra pressure on you and your child. Several family health insurance plans will allow a parent to accompany their child in the hospital and their accommodation cost will be covered by the health insurance policy (age limits may apply). 

Home nursing

No matter who the family member needing care is, having a family medical health insurance plan that covers home nursing following your treatment means less time spent in the hospital and more time spent home with your loved ones family.

With our Freedom Elite policy you can get cover for home nursing for up to 13 weeks.

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What you should know before buying a family health insurance cover

A family private health insurance plan can be highly beneficial for your family, but here are some things you should take into consideration before buying:

Family health insurance doesn’t pay for childcare

Childcare is a domestic cost and it is not covered by family medical insurance even if you were ill at the time it was needed.

Pregnancy and childbirth are not covered

All family health insurance plans exclude pregnancy and childbirth from their cover, but some may cover pregnancy complications.

You can cover your partner’s children if they live at the same address as you

The children on your cover don’t have to be your biological children. If your partner has children of their own, but live at the same address as you, they can receive the care and medical treatment they need and be covered by your health insurance policy.

You can still use the NHS even if you have a family health insurance cover

Having private health insurance doesn’t take away the right of any of your family members to get free healthcare through the NHS so you can still access their services. 

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How much does family health insurance cost?

Your family health insurance premium usually depends on several factors such as:

  • the number of people covered,

  • the age of the people covered,

  • your location,

  • your policy options (i.e. excess, payment type),

  • your policy cover (i.e. the optional benefits selected).

To give you an idea of how much you could be paying for a family health insurance cover with Freedom Health Insurance, here are a few examples of quotes. Please note, the prices below have an illustrative purpose only and are correct on 28.05.2021. 

  • £73.48/month for a 45 and 40 year-old couple with Freedom Essentials**

  • £107.45/month for a 34 and 30 year-old couple with Freedom Elite***

  • £68.64/month for a 34 and 30 year-old couple with children with Freedom Essentials** 

  • £90.26/month for a 45 and 40 year-old couple with children with Freedom Essentials**

  • £133.32/month for a 34 and 30 year-old couple with children with Freedom Elite***

  • £175.26/month for a 45 and 40 year-old couple with children with Freedom Elite***

**Prices based on Freedom Essentials quotes that offer inpatient and cancer cover and a £1500 outpatient cover (with routine dental costs, optical costs and maternity cash benefit) and £200 excess. 

***Prices based on Freedom Elite quotes with full inpatient and cancer cover, the standard hospital list, a £1500 outpatient cover and £100 excess.

To get a more accurate price for family health insurance cover, get an online quote or contact us for more information.

Find out how much your family health insurance policy would cost and customise it with the health benefits you want.

Family Health Insurance FAQ

How can I get health insurance for my family?

Here at Freedom Health Insurance, we’ve made the process of getting family health insurance easy. Simply go to our online quotation tool and get a health insurance quote for the level of cover which best suits your needs and you can even complete the application online to get yourself and your loved ones covered.

Can you put non-family members on your health insurance?

You can only add dependents to your family health insurance policy which includes your spouse and/or children (the children do not have to be biologically yours). The children included on the health insurance policy do not have to live at the same address as you; as an example, if you have children who are living and studying away from home, they may be covered too.

Why should you get family private health insurance?

Whilst the NHS provides a valuable healthcare service in the UK, the long waiting times could lead you to taking out family private health insurance to better protect your loved ones’ health. Here’s how you can benefit from having a family private health insurance plan:

  • Shorter waiting times

  • Quicker diagnosis and medical treatment

  • Access to private hospitals and facilities 
  • Potential access to medication which is not available on the NHS 

These benefits ensure that should a family member fall ill, they can get the support and treatment they need to recover quickly.

How does family private health insurance work?

If you or a member of your family falls ill, you should visit your GP who may refer you to a specialist for diagnosis or further treatment. At this stage, you should contact your health insurance provider to make a claim if you decide to get private medical treatment under your family medical health insurance plan.

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