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Over 50s Health Insurance

Life is unexpected. Protect you and your family from unforeseen illnesses with private health insurance no matter the age^. Get a quote and purchase online in minutes.

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What is over 50s health insurance?

A private health insurance policy for over 50s provides a quick way of accessing private healthcare without worrying about the medical bills. It will generally cover the cost of private medical treatment when developing illnesses and acute conditions after the start date of your policy.

Although there isn’t generally a specific product that caters for people aged over 50, Freedom Health Insurance plans can provide cover to anyone between the ages of 18 and 70. Once you reach the maximum age, you can continue your existing Freedom cover indefinitely, however we cannot accept any new clients above the age of 70.

When you are over 50, a Freedom Health Insurance policy can offer you peace of mind that your health is covered when you develop a new condition.

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How does over 50s health insurance work?

No matter your age^, getting cover and managing your health insurance policy is easy with Freedom Health Insurance. Apply online in just a few minutes and choose the cover and benefits that matter to you.

When the worst happens and you need to make a claim, we will pay your eligible medical bills directly to the hospital or issue a refund for you. Find out more about making a claim with Freedom Health Insurance.

You can find out more about how private health insurance works here

What’s included in over 50s health insurance? 

Our Freedom Elite private medical insurance could cover you for the following, depending on the optional health benefits chosen:

  • Day-patient and inpatient medical treatment - this refers to medical treatment which you receive when admitted to hospital. 

  • Outpatient treatment (optional) - this will include diagnostic tests and specialist consultations if you receive treatment that doesn’t involve hospital admission.

  • Mental health care (optional) - this includes treatment for psychiatric illnesses or acute mental illnesses.

  • Cancer treatment - this includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the removal of cancerous tumours. Find out more about our cancer care promise

  • Alternative therapies (optional) - this involves having treatment from a specialist, such as an osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, homeopath or podiatrist).

What you are covered for will depend on the policy and optional benefits you choose. If you want to know more about our health insurance products, please contact us - we’ll be happy to explain how they work

How much does over 50s health insurance cost? 

The price you have to pay for your health insurance cover depends on a variety of factors. Mostly, your health insurance premium is determined by your age and the level of cover of your policy. Learn more about what affects your insurance premium or get a quote today.

^ The maximum age of new applicants is 70 years old.

Why choose Freedom Health Insurance?

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

With an extensive cancer cover included in all Freedom Elite policies, you can rest assured you will be covered when the worst happens.

No Location-Based Pricing

No Location-Based Pricing

Some insurers might charge more if you live in an expensive area. We don’t price you based on your postcode.

Unlimited Virtual GP

Unlimited Virtual GP

Get unlimited virtual GP appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our easy-to-use virtual GP service.

What are the benefits of private health insurance when you are over 50?

In older age, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your healthcare is covered is invaluable. Here is how over 50s health insurance can put your mind at ease:

  • Get quick access to private treatment while your policy pays for the eligible medical claims.
  • Choose where you want to receive your medical treatment (from the pre-approved hospital list).
  • Look after your loved ones by adding your partner and children to your cover.
  • Benefit from optional additional benefits with our Freedom Elite health insurance such as full Outpatient Cover, Mental Health Care, Private GP, Optical & Dental Cover or Alternative Therapies.

Learn more about how private healthcare compares to the NHS.  

What Our Customers Say About Freedom Health Insurance

Switch your cover to us

Whether you are looking to change your existing medical insurance provider or leaving your company scheme and you are under 70 years old, you can switch your health insurance policy to us without interrupting your existing cover. We will do our best to offer you a policy that better meets your healthcare and budget needs.

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Pre-existing conditions

As you age, it’s more likely that you will experience health issues, so it is important to know that health insurance won’t cover your medical conditions that started before you took out a policy. You can still get cover for any new conditions that arise after you purchase your policy. Find out more about how we deal with pre-existing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy private health insurance if I’m over 60?

Yes, if you are aged between 18 and 70 and are a UK resident, you can apply for a Freedom Elite or Freedom Essentials health insurance policy. Once you reach the age of 70, you can continue your existing Freedom Health Insurance cover indefinitely. However, we cannot accept any new clients who are above the age of 70 for these two products.

Can I buy private health insurance if I’m over 70?

The maximum age for accepting new clients for our UK health insurance policies Freedom Elite and Freedom Essentials is 70 years old. However, if you a senior citizen and already have an existing policy with us, your cover will continue beyond this age.

What does over 50s health insurance cover?

Health insurance plans are designed to cover medical bills when you are admitted in a hospital for diagnosis or treatment no matter your age. Depending on your chosen level of cover and optional benefits selected, health insurance can also cover your outpatient treatment, cancer treatment, mental health care, alternative therapies, dental and optical treatment and private GPs.

Do I need health insurance if I’m over 50?

Private health insurance is not compulsory in the UK because most people have access to free public healthcare through the NHS. However, with age, your chances of needing medical care increase, and having private health insurance means you have more control over your medical treatment, rather than relying solely on the NHS. Health insurance can help you get access to treatment quicker and also benefit from more comfortable private facilities compared to the NHS. Depending on your healthcare needs and budget, you can customise your health cover to fit your specific healthcare requirements.

Can I get over 50s health insurance for pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from your health insurance cover. This means that you can’t make any claims for the medical conditions that started before you joined us, whether you received medical treatment for them or not. However, after a certain period has passed with no treatment, medication and symptoms, your pre-existing condition may be covered. Find out more about pre-existing conditions and health insurance.

Can I get over 50s health insurance if I’m retired?

Yes, you can take out private health insurance as well as being able to access NHS healthcare services when you are retired. Our Freedom Health Insurance plans can be tailored to suit your needs by choosing only the health benefits you want and need. Please note that people over the age of 70 will not be eligible to apply for our insurance cover.

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