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Health Insurance with Cancer Cover

Being diagnosed with cancer can be life changing. Our Freedom Elite health insurance policy offers comprehensive cancer cover to help fight this condition. Get a non-obligation quote and purchase online today.

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Find the right health insurance with cancer cover for you

Cancer touches all our lives. According to the latest statistics, 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (Cancer Research UK, 2019).

The good news is that people are getting tested earlier, treatments are getting better and life expectancy for people with cancer is better than ever before.

Our cancer care promise

Cancer is one of our top priorities at Freedom Health Insurance. That is why all our Freedom Elite policies include comprehensive cancer cover as part of the core policy which covers both eligible inpatient and outpatient costs of cancer-related treatment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help or get a quote for health insurance with cancer cover hereYou can buy online securely and swiftly or save your quote for later.

What we will cover

Our Freedom Elite UK health insurance plan offers, as standard and subject to policy terms and conditions, financial support for the cost of active cancer treatment intended to affect the growth of the cancer by shrinking it, stabilising it or slowing the spread of the disease.

Our health insurance with cancer care cover provides cover for the following:

Freedom Elite cancer cover Details
Specialist consultations Consultations with cancer specialists at a time that suits you
Cancer diagnosis Investigation into and diagnosis of the initial symptoms of cancer (as long as the policy has outpatient cover)
Ongoing monitoring of health You’ll receive cover for the continued monitoring of any recurrence of cancer once treatment has finished for as long as you have the policy with us
Surgical treatment Covered in full
Chemotherapy/radiotherapy Chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment to destroy cancer cells – covered in full
Genetic testing One genetic test designed to help the oncologist decide whether chemotherapy treatment is the most appropriate form of medical treatment
Targeted therapies Therapies designed to stimulate the immune system, block the growth and spread of cancer cells or to overcome side effects of treatment
Hormonal therapies Hormonal therapies used in the active treatment of cancer
Medical treatment Medical treatment to combat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
Bone strengthening drugs (bisphosphonates) Drugs that can, in certain situations, protect bones against some effects of cancer, such as pain and weakness
Reconstructive surgery Surgery completed after cancer treatment to restore function or appearance
Stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplants One complete procedure covered in full, during the lifetime of a policy
Post-surgery services One post-surgery consultation such as a consultation with a dietician, as recommended by your oncologist
Advanced cancer Full cover for primary and secondary cancers, if cancer spreads during treatment
Palliative care This is sometimes called end of life care. It’s intended to support the patient, control the symptoms of cancer and relieve pain and other symptoms, when active cancer treatment is no longer effective


What we will not cover

There are some cancer treatments that won’t be covered such as:

  • Experimental or unproven treatments which are not based on established clinical practice
  • Unlicensed drugs or drugs being used outside the terms of their licence
  • Preventative treatments designed to prevent a disease or illness where the patient is not suffering from any symptoms
  • Take home drugs and medications after treatment or those which are usually prescribed by a GP

Why buy health insurance with cancer cover?

  • You’ll have financial cover for all eligible costs relating to your cancer care following diagnosis, giving you and your family peace of mind should you be suffering with this disease.

  • We offer a dedicated personal service so you’ll usually deal with the same person throughout the claims process.

  • We don’t operate location-based pricing, meaning you won’t pay more for living in certain areas such as London.

  • You’ll receive support from start to finish - our team is here to help in any way that they can from cancer diagnosis through to post-surgery care and handle claims quickly and empathetically.

Have any questions?

If you still have questions about our Freedom Elite medical insurance plan, check out our Elite FAQs or give us a call on 0800 999 2013* and speak to one of our friendly team members.


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Cancer cover FAQs

Can I still access NHS services with Freedom Elite?

Yes, anyone who is ordinarily resident in the UK can access NHS treatment, even if they’ve taken out a private health insurance policy. If you decide to receive cancer treatment and medical care by the NHS, we offer an NHS cash benefit. For elective inpatient treatment, you can claim £200 for each night you spend in an NHS hospital to receive treatment and we’ll pay £100 for each day you spend in an NHS hospital for elective day patient treatment. You will not need to pay an excess towards any NHS cash benefit claims.

Do I need health insurance with cancer cover?

There have been many advancements in cancer care, however, treatments can still come at a cost and with 1 in 2 people now being diagnosed with the disease, it pays to be prepared. Having cancer cover included in your medical insurance plan, ensures you receive the treatment you need when you need it most without having to face substantial costs or long NHS wait times.

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Is health insurance with cancer cover worth it?

Here’s how you can benefit from having cancer cover included in your health insurance plan:

  • You’ll have access to private hospitals and healthcare facilities when you need to.

  • You'll have the choice to receive chemotherapy at home rather than in a clinical environment if preferred.

  • You’ll receive financial cover for otherwise costly cancer treatments.

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have protection and be covered should you be diagnosed with cancer. This is particularly reassuring for members of a family with a history of the disease.

Does health insurance cover cancer treatment?

A big question on your mind might be “does private medical insurance cover cancer?”, especially if you have a family history of cancer. Cover for cancer treatment is not always included in all standard private health insurance policies. That said, all our Freedom Elite policies include cancer cover so you can rest assured you will receive the care you need should you be diagnosed with cancer.

Can I get health insurance if I have cancer?

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, this is considered to be a pre-existing condition which health insurance providers will not usually cover. You can find out more about chronic and pre-existing conditions here.

Can I get health insurance if I have symptoms which could be cancer?

As with most health insurance policies, Freedom Elite doesn't cover pre-existing conditions and symptoms, including symptoms which have not yet been diagnosed as cancer. You can still take out health insurance, but your existing symptoms will be excluded from cover.

Can I get health insurance if I have a family history of cancer?

Yes, even with a family history of cancer, you can get a Freedom Elite plan which provides cancer cover as standard. This will not affect your premium.

Does Freedom Elite health insurance cover all types of cancer?

Our Freedom Elite health insurance with cancer cover offers you financial protection for the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer, supporting you and your family at every stage.

Can you get health insurance as a cancer survivor?

Yes, you can still get health insurance as a cancer survivor, however, you may need to provide evidence that you have fully recovered and not have experienced symptoms within a certain time-frame following completion of treatment and discharge from care and all future check-ups.

How much does health insurance with cancer cover cost?

The cost is dependent on various factors such as age and level of coverage required. Get a no-obligation online quote today.