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What is Freedom Essentials?

The Freedom Essentials affordable medical insurance plan has been created to give you full control of your healthcare while keeping your premium budget friendly. Whether you are looking for an individual policy just for you or you want to cover your whole family, the Freedom Essentials plan allows you to get treated in any hospital, anywhere in the world.

Fixed cash benefit

With Freedom Essentials you receive a fixed cash benefit with no annual limit for eligible inpatient and day-patient treatment which you can then use to get treated privately in the UK or abroad as a self-pay patient. If you chooses a more expensive hospital, you are responsible for any shortfall in cost, but if there is any surplus cash after paying for the treatment, this is yours to keep.

If you decide to use the NHS for your eligible inpatient and day-patient treatment, you will still receive 50% of the cash benefit to spend however you want.

Find out more information about the Freedom Essentials core cover.

Freedom Essentials - Fixed cash benefit

What does our affordable health insurance core cover include?

Our Freedom Essentials insurance policy is the perfect option for those who are looking for cheaper health insurance which still offers financial support when needed most.

Below is a table displaying a breakdown of what is included in Freedom Essentials’ core cover:

What’s insured? Benefits Exclusions/limitations
Inpatient and day-patient treatment (where a procedure is required)
  • Fixed cash benefit towards treatment costs
  • 50% of the fixed cash benefit if the treatment is received as an NHS patient at an NHS hospital
Treatment must be carried out by a specialist in a hospital under a self-pay contract.
Inpatient and day-patient treatment (where a medical procedure is not required)
  • £200 cash benefit for each day/night spent in hospital for treatment
Treatment must be carried out by a specialist in a hospital under a self-pay contract.
Cancer cash benefit
  • 50% of the fixed cash benefit paid for inpatient or daypatient treatment as part of a course of active cancer treatment.
  • A cash benefit of £150 for each hospital visit to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy
The procedure msut be part of a course of active cancer treatment. 
MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Paid in full

You must be referred by a specialist. No benefit is provided for MRI, CT or PET scans outside the UK

Additional benefits
  • Fixed cash benefit towards pregnancy complications 

  • Fixed cash benefit towards dental surgery procedures

Only covers the conditions listed in the Guide to Cover


You can also opt for additional cover under our Freedom Essentials affordable medical insurance plan. Information on the voluntary benefits available can be found on our optional benefits page.

Get a quick health insurance quote. Compare our products, personalise your cover and purchase online in just a few minutes.

Cancer Cash Benefit

We believe the NHS provides excellent treatment for cancer, so in order to keep our prices down, we don’t include traditional cancer cover in our Freedom Essentials plan.

Nevertheless, we understand the financial impact cancer can have on someone’s life and we know that a little support can really help. That’s why Freedom Essentials offers a fixed cash benefit as part of a course of active cancer treatment for medical procedures and chemotherapy or radiotherapy which you can use towards the cost of private treatment or to perhaps offset some of the other expenses you might face during this time.

Why Choose Freedom Essentials

If you’re looking for an affordable health insurance plan that suits your budget and needs, look no further. By taking out our Freedom Essentials cover, you can benefit from the following:

Fixed Cash Benefit

Fixed Cash Benefit

Get a fixed cash benefit with no annual limit for your eligible inpatient or day-patient treatment.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Look after your health and your wallet with an affordable medical insurance plan.

No Hospital List

No Hospital List

Choose the consultant and the hospital you want for your treatment anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Optional outpatient cover

By selecting the optional outpatient treatment benefit, you will get cover in the UK for the following:

  • Diagnostic tests requested by a GP
  • Specialist fees and physiotherapy
  • Minor outpatient procedures
  • Routine dental costs
  • Routine optical costs
  • Maternity cash benefit

Find out more about the additional cover options.

What’s not covered

  • Complications following overseas treatment
  • Accident and emergency (A&E) treatment
  • Pre-existing conditions - treatment for conditions or symptoms you had before you joined us
  • Chronic conditions – ongoing, recurrent or long-term conditions such as asthma or diabetes

For a full list of exclusions in our Freedom Essentials affordable medical insurance, please see the Policyholder’s Guide to Cover.

What Our Customers Say About Freedom Health Insurance


What is Freedom’s affordable health insurance plan?

Our affordable health insurance plan, Freedom Essentials, is a cheaper alternative to more comprehensive private insurance policies. With this policy, you’ll receive a fixed-cash benefit which you can use to get private medical care for eligible day-patient and inpatient treatments. 

If you opt for a more comprehensive health insurance cover, this will usually cover more illnesses and treatments. 

Can I still use the NHS with your Freedom Essentials affordable health insurance policy?

Yes, if you choose to take out our Freedom Essentials affordable health insurance (or any of our other policies), you and your family will still be able to receive NHS treatment. With Freedom Health Insurance, you can still receive 50% of the fixed cash benefit we offer for eligible treatment if you decide to choose the NHS for treatment.

How can I get affordable health insurance?

Getting affordable health insurance to cover you and your family is a quick and easy process here at Freedom Health Insurance. Simply head to our ‘get a quote’ page, complete the online form with your personal details and what you’d like your policy to cover and you will get a quick online quote. You can then continue the online application to purchase the cover you desire. 

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Make it even cheaper

Freedom Essentials has been designed to offer affordable health cover, but if you are looking to further reduce your premium, here are a few quick tips:

  • Save 6% when paying annually
  • Bring the cost down by choosing the excess that works for you. £100 compulsory excess applies.
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