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Freedom Essentials Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Freedom Essentials cover me while I'm abroad?

Freedom Essentials will cover you for treatment anywhere - but only if you are diagnosed in the UK first. See our Worldwide Policy for international cover.

What does the optional outpatient insurance benefit include?

The following are covered if you select the outpatient benefit:

  • X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Diagnostic tests arranged by a GP
  • Physiotherapy on GP referral (up to 6 sessions)
  • Routine dental & optical
  • Maternity cash benefit
For full details please refer to the Freedom Essentials Policy document.

What are the limitations of my Freedom Essentials policy?

Freedom Essentials doesn't cover things such as:

Additionally, there will be other limits depending on the level of cover you choose.

For full details please refer to the Freedom Essentials Policy document.

What kind of cancer cover do I get on Essentials Health Insurance?

A valuable cancer cash benefit is included as part of the core cover too. With the NHS focusing on cancer care, Freedom Essentials does not cover the cost of cancer treatment. However, Freedom Essentials offers a cash lump sum that clients can use in any way they want.

For full details please refer to the Freedom Essentials Policy Brochure.

Is there a time restriction before I can make an insurance claim?

No, there is no time restriction before you can submit a claim. For more information please refer to the Freedom Essentials policy document.

How do I choose what hospital to choose for private treatment?

You are free to use the money at whatever hospital you choose. If you would like more or support on where to get treated please contact us.

What if I don’t want to use the money claimed for the treatment?

Freedom Essentials is designed to give benefits for medical treatment either privately in the UK, abroad or using the NHS. Any savings arising from private treatment or free treatment on the NHS can be kept by you.

However, if you do not have the authorised inpatient treatment within six months, any additional treatment required directly or indirectly as a result of not receiving the authorised treatment will not be covered under your policy.

Can Freedom Health Insurance pay the hospital directly?

No, we don’t generally pay the hospital on your behalf for inpatient treatment. This is something you are responsible to arrange yourself directly with the hospital of your choice.

What is the method of underwriting?

Freedom Essentials is underwritten on either a Moratorium or Full Medical Underwriting basis.


In this case there is no need to complete a medical questionnaire. The policy has automatic exclusions for conditions which will not be covered under the policy. These are generally pre-existing conditions; any condition where you have asked for advice, had symptoms of, or been treated for, within the last five years before your policy was taken out.

If you take out the policy and you have two years for this condition with no advice, symptoms or treatment, then you will be eligible for cover for that condition subject to policy's terms and conditions.

Full medical underwriting
A health questionnaire (known as a full medical assessment) is used to ask you questions about your past and current health. In some cases we may need to talk to your doctor to get further information. Any condition that you have had before or is ongoing would usually not be covered.

You will receive documentation that will list which conditions will be covered under the terms and conditions of your policy.

Click here for more information on methods of underwriting