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International health insurance for individuals and families working or living abroad.

Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance

Freedom Worldwide is an international medical insurance policy offering expats and other international clients access to a range of private healthcare benefits to use when they need it most. And when they return to the UK, they can switch to our Freedom Elite cover seamlessly, without loss of underwriting.

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Why Choose Freedom Worldwide For Your Customers

Five Levels of Cover

Five Levels of Cover

With Freedom Worldwide, your clients can choose the cover they need, from basic to highly comprehensive.

Seamless Transfer

Seamless Transfer

Your clients can transfer from Freedom Worldwide to Freedom Elite without loss of cover when back in the UK.

Budget Flexibility

Budget Flexibility

Your clients can meet their specific financial requirements by choosing the relevant cover and excess.

Freedom Worldwide Core Cover

Freedom Worldwide Core Cover

Regardless of the level of cover chose by your client, Freedom Worldwide provides comprehensive international cover. Some of the core benefits are listed below. For more information please refer to the Table of Benefits.

See the Table of Benefits

All Freedom Worldwide levels of cover include:

  • Treatment when admitted in a hospital (inpatient or day-patient)

  • Cancer treatment

  • Emergency dental treatment that requires hospital admission

  • Outpatient cover (limited based on the level of cover chosen)

  • MRI, CT, PET scans

  • Surgery when not admitted in a hospital (outpatient)

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation (limited based on the level of cover chosen)

  • Local ambulance

  • Compassionate emergency visit when a member of your client’s family is critically ill in a different country

How Freedom Worldwide works

How Freedom Worldwide works

Freedom Worldwide offers great flexibility over the health benefits included in your policy, the location of cover, excess amount, type of underwriting and even the currency in which the premium is paid.

See the Worldwide Brochure

5 levels of cover:

  • Bronze – includes cover for inpatient and day-patient treatment such as hospital fees, specialist fees, prescription drugs, emergency dental treatment (as inpatient), diagnostic tests. MRI/CT/PET scans and limited outpatient treatment following inpatient treatment. These are covered up to 500,000 €/£/$ and individual benefit limits may apply.

  • Silver – includes everything that the Bronze level is covering plus psychiatric treatment, pregnancy and childbirth complications, hormone replacement therapy, home nursing, cancer cover and chronic medical conditions benefit. These are covered up to 750,000 €/£/$ and individual benefit limits may apply.

  • Gold – on top of what the Silver level is covering, this also includes a dental outpatient benefit, maternity cover, emergency medical cover outside your area and an accidental death benefit. These are covered up to 1,000,000 €/£/$ and individual benefit limits may apply.

  • Platinum – this includes everything the Gold level is covering up to an annual limit of 1,500,000 €/£/$. Individual benefit limits may apply. 

  • Diamond – our most comprehensive level of cover that includes all the benefits covered by the other levels and an annual policy limit of up to to 2,000,000 €/£/$. Individual benefit limits may apply. 

Your clients can further personalise their plan by choosing:

  • The location of cover: Europe, worldwide excluding USA or worldwide

  • The currency of their premium:  Euros, Pound Sterling or US Dollar

  • The excess they want to pay in order to reduce the premium: from 50 up to 5000 €/£/$

  • The frequency of the premium payment: monthly, quarterly, annually

  • The type of underwriting: Full Medical Underwriting, Moratorium, Medical History Disregarded or by switching from another provider under Continued Personal Medical Exclusions or Continued Moratorium underwriting

Want to know more about Freedom Worldwide? Speak to our intermediary support team today.

What’s not covered

For a full list of exclusions, see the Worldwide Policy Dcoument.  Some examples of our exclusions are: 

  • Treatment outside the geographical area of cover unless for emergencies

  • Treatment not pre-authorised in advance

  • Care and/or treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism

  • Pre-existing conditions (unless we have approved treatment relating to them)

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Professional sports injuries

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about Freedom Worldwide, please speak to our intermediary support team today.

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Important Documents

For more information and for the terms and conditions, please see the following documents: