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Private Business Medical Insurance 

Private medical insurance is a highly-ranked employee benefit. It provides fast access to medical treatment and, with several levels of cover and underwriting options to choose from, you can be assured you will find the right product to suit your healthcare needs and business requirements.
Providing private medical insurance to employees can have several benefits to both your staff and your business, such as an increase in staff morale, an increase in staff retention and even a reduction in absence, allowing employees to get back to work quicker.

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Business Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

As a self-employed person, your health becomes directly linked to your business. Should you be involved in an accident or fall ill and require hospital treatment, the time that will need to be taken off work can potentially lead to a significant impact on your earnings. A business medical insurance plan allows you to get fast access to treatment, reducing the amount of time off work and speeding up the recovery process.

Freedom Health Insurance offers policies suitable for the self-employed, with the option to add family members onto the health insurance policy or to receive cashback when using the NHS.

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Business Health Insurance for Small & Medium Businesses

If you have a company employing 2-250 staff members, you will know how important it is to have a healthy workforce, and how disruptive sickness absence can be. By providing private medical cover to your employees, they will get fast access to medical treatment, thus speeding up the recovery process and leading to less disruption within the business.

Freedom Health Insurance offers group schemes for up to 250 people, with a range of benefits and underwriting options available, such as medical history disregarded (MHC), which is usually not available on individual policies.

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Business Health Insurance for Large Companies

Providing private medical insurance as an incentive to employees can be hugely beneficial for a company regardless of its size. A business medical insurance plan offered as part of the employment package is seen as a valuable benefit in the staff recruitment process, contributes to staff retention and can also improve staff morale.

Freedom Health Insurance offers group policies for businesses that can easily be tailored to your healthcare and business needs, while fitting with your company's budget, with a range of underwriting options and additional benefits available.

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