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Freedom Supports Unicef with Spring Food Fundraising Event

  • Apr 11, 2023
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Supporting Unicef charity

Giving back is more important than ever, especially considering the current financial and environmental crisis across the globe. Recently, to show our support, we held an internal office event for staff members to raise money and awareness for the charity, Unicef.

Unicef is a well-known international organisation that works hard to promote the rights and well-being of disadvantaged children worldwide. Their mission is to provide humanitarian and development aid to children who have been caught up in violent conflicts across 190 countries and territories including, Syria, Yemen, and South Sudan. In more recent times, they have also shown support and donated life-saving aid to children and families that were affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

How much did we raise?

We are extremely proud of our team who participated and donated to this event as we managed to raise £141! This money will fund fundamental supplies that will be donated to support vulnerable children and families across the globe.

How can you donate?

There are many ways you can help to raise funds and awareness for charities, including donating money, volunteering your time or skills, donating goods or services, or spreading awareness through events and social media platforms. By donating, you can help make a difference to the lives of others who need your support.

You can donate to Unicef by visiting their website, or JustGiving have suggested ideas you can try to get involved in raising money for charity.

Spring theme

To make our office fundraising events more interesting, we always try to base them around a fun theme to further encourage staff to participate. As British springtime has officially arrived, we decided that this charity event will be based on the theme, spring. 

Competition winner

To further incentivise staff to get involved with our charity events, we also like to add in some light-hearted competition between staff. Towards the end of the day, we sent around a survey that asked staff to vote on each dish based on three categories, appearance, taste, and theme. The person who received the most stars overall would win a prize.

Congratulations to the winner of best spring food, our Customer Service Manager, Lynne Heath!

Lynne received an average of 4.6/5 stars for taste, 4.2/5 for appearance and 3.7/5 for theme which meant that her sausage rolls put her into first place overall!

Final thoughts

Having delicious treats to enjoy throughout the day lifted morale in the office on a Monday and it encouraged staff to learn more about the efforts of Unicef and raise fundamental funds. To learn more about how Unicef support children across the globe and to donate you can visit their website.