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Christmas During a Pandemic: How to Stay Positive

  • Dec 17, 2020
  • Mental Health

Young Women Holding Present And Wearing Medical Mask To Cover Her Face Against Coronavirus Pandemic With Christmas Lights And Tree In The Background

With travel and social gathering restrictions and cancelled events, Christmas this year will be different for many of us. Here are our 5 top tips on how to make Christmas a positive experience this year, despite the pandemic and all the changes it has forced upon us:

Accept things are going to be different

Continually thinking about what you could be doing at Christmas if there were no restrictions will only bring you more frustration and wasted energy that could be used for something more constructive. Instead, accepting things how they are will help you move forward and allow you to engage in new opportunities. If you’re struggling with acceptance, read this metaphor of a sailing boat to help you adjust your perspective.

Adopt a grateful mindset

Instead of focusing on the things that you can’t do or don’t have, focus on what you have and what you can do, despite of the pandemic. From fundamental things like being healthy and safe to little things like a walk in your local park, finding things to feel grateful for is key to remaining positive. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is not just some fluffy exercise, the benefits are backed up by science and can bring positive results both short-term and long-term. Here are some expert tips on how to improve your attitude towards gratitude.

Connect with others

If there are fewer of you around the Christmas table this year, take this opportunity to engage in deeper conversations or connect with your loved ones through fun games. Check out this article for some fun, festive games to play with the family. If you are spending Christmas alone, make use of video conference technology like Zoom parties or a simple phone call to keep in touch with your loved ones. To help you fight loneliness, read one of our recent blog posts for ways you can connect with people and entertain yourself this holiday season.

Look after yourself

If your usual Christmas period is full of shopping, parties, dinners and other commitments, take this year as an opportunity to rest more and focus on your wellbeing. Why not catch up on some sleep, read a book, take a bubble bath, or start a new habit, like yoga or meditation? This could also be the perfect opportunity to reduce alcohol consumption and make healthier choices when it comes to Christmas food and treats.

Get into the Christmas spirit

Christmas is not just about presents, decorations and festive food. The Christmas spirit is also about spreading joy, being kind and connecting with others. In the midst of a global pandemic, this couldn’t be more relevant. So, no matter what the Christmas spirit symbolises for you, try to share positivity wherever possible.

On behalf of everyone here at Freedom Health Insurance, we wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and hope that the new year will bring more positivity and happiness in your life!