Freedom Elite - Schedule of Procedures

We will pay, in full, the fee a specialist charges for providing in-patient and day-patient treatment in hospital as long as the fee is charged in line with our schedule of procedures.
We operate a schedule of procedures and fees that classifies each procedure according to its medical complexity and allocates a maximum financial amount that we will pay towards the fee charged by a specialist for that procedure. If the fee charged is greater than the amount we will pay, you will be responsible for paying the shortfall directly to the specialist.
You should ask for confirmation of each fee that will be charged by the surgeon and the anaesthetist before proceeding with your treatment and check whether we will pay these fees in full. If a shortfall is likely, you will
need to discuss this with the specialist to make sure you agree on the charges and how the shortfall is going to be paid by you.
The amount that we will pay towards a specialist fee for any particular operation may change at any time and without notice. Any changes we make to our schedule of procedures will be effective immediately.
Please be aware this schedule of fees is a technical document, primarily designed for specialists, and we recommend that you discuss the details with your specialist.

Introduction to the schedule of procedures and fees
Chapter 1 - Consultation, simple investigations and procedures and general procedures
Chapter 2 - Brain. cranium and intracranial organs
Chapter 3 - Spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves
Chapter 4 - Eye and orbital contents
Chapter 5 - Ear, nose and throat
Chapter 6 - Face, mouth, salivary and thyroid
Chapter 7 - Breasts
Chapter 8 - Thorax and intra-thoracic organs
Chapter 9 - Vascular system
Chapter 10 - Endoscopic gastrointestinal procedures
Chapter 11 - Abdomen (excluding urinary and reproductive organs)
Chapter 12 - Urinary system and male reproductive organs
Chapter 13 - Pregnancy and confinement 
Chapter 14 - Female reproductive organs
Chapter 15 - Skin and subcutaneous tissue
Chapter 16 - Bones, joint and connective tissue/tendon muscle
Chapter 17 - Interventional radiology
Chapter 18 - Chemotherapy
Chapter 19 - Haematology - hospital use only
Chapter 20 - Radiotherapy (including brachytherapy)