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Showering before bed vs in the morning

  • Mar 14, 2023
  • Wellbeing

Women showering in the morning

Showering forms part of a daily routine for most people, however, there is a debate of whether it's better to shower in the morning or at night. Both may have their benefits for mental and physical health, but ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference.

In this article, we will explore both sides of the argument, and consider benefits of showering before bed vs in the morning.

Benefits of showering before bed

Some people prefer to shower before bed to help them wind down and calm the mind after a long day, encouraging a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the possible benefits of showering before sleep.

Cleansing the skin of excess sebum

A warm shower in the evening cleanses the skin of dirt and bacteria that has accumulated throughout the day, especially if you participate in activities that make you sweat more. Excess sebum can cause blocked pores which then leads to build-up and showering is good way to open the pores and cleanse the skin. This can be even more important for people with oily skin.

De-stressing at the end of the day

Showering in the evening can be part of your winding-down routine and is a good way to relax before bed. The water can release tension and soothe aching muscles, helping you relax.

Preparing you for sleep

Taking a warm bath or shower can lower your body temperature in preparation for sleep as the heat of the water dilates your blood vessels and when you get out of the shower your bodies temperature decreases. The slight drop in temperature prepares your body and mind for sleep.

Benefits of showering in the morning

Some people prefer to shower in the morning because it helps them wake up and feel fresh for the day ahead. Here are some of the possible benefits of showering in the morning.

Helping you feel awake

For those who struggle to wake up, a morning shower can make a difference to your morning routine by helping you feel refreshed and energized. Cold water showers increase heart rate and circulation and can stimulate the body, making it more alert.

If you don’t want to take cold showers, washing your face with cold water can have a similar effect.

Preparing for the day ahead

Another benefit of showering in the morning is that it can become a part of your morning routine, allowing you to have a few moments to yourself before starting your day. It can be a way to prevent stress and anxiety during the day and an opportunity to practice mindfulness by being aware of what’s happening inside your body and around you.

Cleansing the skin of build-up

During the night, your skin can produce oils which can then build-up overnight. A shower in the morning will remove the overnight accumulation of build-up.

Are hot showers better than cold showers?

Hot and cold showers have their own benefits and disadvantages. Taking a hot shower can help relax the muscles, calm the mind and improve sleep. However, if the temperature is turned up too high, it can cause dry skin, cause itching and even worsen conditions like eczema.

Cold showers release endorphins and are known to increase mental alertness, boost mood and hydrate the skin and hair. However, those who have respiratory conditions or enjoy an intense workout may need to be cautious, as the body’s reaction to cold water puts additional stress on the heart.

So, should you shower before bed or in the morning?

Even though some people think showering in the evening could be more beneficial for health and hygiene, the decision to shower in the morning or at night comes down to your personal preference and what best fits into your daily routine. Whether you prefer showering in the morning or at night, it's important to listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

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