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What is Elite Health Insurance?

Elite Health Insurance is affordable and fully customised health insurance. We offer coverage for cancer, specialist doctor appointments, hospital accommodation, dental surgery, physician and therapist fees and more. Click here to find out what the key benefits are. Find out how Elite works.

If you have any more questions, please see our FAQs. Remember we are here to help, if anything is unclear, please contact us on 0800 470 1766.

Who is Elite Health Insurance Suitable For?

Elite Health Insurance is suitable for anyone who is looking for:
  • Access to private hospitals in the UK
  • A fully flexible insurance policy that suits any budget 
  • Comprehensive in-patient and day-patient cover
  • A varied range of optional health benefits

Why Choose Elite Health Insurance?

With its comprehensive, affordable and customisable cover, Elite Health is the best option if you want to get the most for your budget.

We also offer a selection of additional benefits like two hospital bands and a range of excess options.

Elite Health Insurance offers the opportunity for a tailor-made policy to suit all needs and financial budgets.

How Much Does Elite Health Insurance Cost?

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Private medical insurance doesn't have to be expensive. For example, a health plan for a single person aged 25 with comprehensive in-patient cover and access to the Elite Hospital List will cost only £1.30 per day or £39.17 a month. 

The above example of costs should be treated only as a guide. Please contact us on 0800 470 1766 for a quote.

What is the method of underwriting?

Elite Health Insurance can be based on several forms of underwriting (the way your medical history affects your cover). To find out what these are please click here.