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Switching your insurance provider is an easy and straightforward process and only takes a few minutes of your time. Whether you are unhappy with your current health insurance company or you’re simply looking for a better deal or medical treatment cover, you have the right to switch health insurance providers.

Health insurance is important for individuals and businesses alike and getting that reassuring peace of mind at every step of your journey is vital. That’s why you can move to Freedom Health Insurance without interrupting your existing health insurance cover and we’ll do our best to offer you a policy that better meets your healthcare and budget needs. Switch medical insurance providers today!

Why Switch To Freedom Health Insurace

2-Year Fixed Premium Guarantee

2-Year Fixed Premium Guarantee

Ensure your health insurance premium stays the same in the second year even if you make claims. Ts&Cs apply†.

No Location-Based Pricing

No Location-Based Pricing

Most health insurers charge you more if you live in or around major cities. We don’t price your policy based on postcode.

Dedicated Personal Service

Dedicated Personal Service

Whenever you submit a claim, you usually deal with the same person throughout the entire process.

Making it easy to switch health insurance

All you have to do to switch health insurance is give us a call on 01202 756 350* or arrange for a callback down below. We'll then ask you a few questions about your health and your recent treatment and tell you what you need to do next (the process will only take a few minutes). There are no medical examinations required and your health cover can usually continue without any interruptions.

Cover for pre-existing conditions

You might have claimed on your current insurance plan and you are concerned that these medical conditions will no longer be covered if you switch medical insurance providers and join a new plan.

At Freedom Health Insurance we want to give you the same protection you are already enjoying, subject to the terms and conditions of your new chosen plan. You will just need to answer a few questions about your health and then, if eligible, we can arrange the transfer to one of our medical insurance policies.

Leaving your company’s health insurance scheme? You can easily switch to Freedom Elite on a similar cover.

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Switch health insurance FAQs

Why switch health insurance providers?

There are many reasons why you might consider switching health insurers, including:

  • You could get a better deal - Whether your health insurance provider is increasing its premiums or you’ve done some research and found better cover for your money elsewhere, financial reasons are a common reason to switch health insurers. 

  • You could receive better service - There’s nothing worse than poor communication with health insurers or to not feel valued enough. Here at Freedom Health Insurance, our customers are at the heart of everything we do and, whenever you submit a claim, you’ll usually deal with the same member of the team for a more personal service. 

  • You could get better health care cover - after doing some research or consulting with a broker, you might find a health care plan with a price similar to your current one which offers more cover. Having a more comprehensive health insurance plan gives you peace of mind in knowing you’ll receive the financial support you need for medical treatment should you require it. 

  • You might receive incentives - some health insurers will offer those looking to switch health insurance providers discounts or other benefits in order to make the move.

Can I switch my health insurance?

Yes, you can switch your health insurance as long as you don't have any ongoing claims. However, once these are finalised, you can switch to a different provider if that's what you want. No matter what your reasons are for deciding to switch medical insurance providers, you are within your rights to change providers should you wish to.

Can I change health insurance companies anytime?

Yes, you can change health insurance companies at any time during the policy’s term, however, it may make more sense to do this at the end of the policy year to avoid missing out on payments you have already agreed to pay in your contract.

What to consider before you switch health insurance providers

Here’s a few things to consider before switching health insurers:

  • Make sure you’ve done your research to find the best provider for your specific medical needs. Getting advice from a broker can help you make a more informed decision.

  • If you’re looking to save money with a better deal, make sure you won't be missing out on any cover that your current policy includes. 

  • Look out for any excluded treatments or conditions in the new health insurance plan - not all providers will offer the same level of cover. 

How do I change health insurance providers?

If you’re looking to switch health insurance providers, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve made the process quick and easy. Simply contact us by calling 01202 756 350* or request a call back by completing the short form on this page. We’ll ask you a few questions about your health and any recent treatment and then we'll let you know what will happen next.


†2-year fixed premium terms and conditions