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About Health Insurance

Having a healthy body and mind are your most important assets.

Taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising and reducing stress are some of the best things you can do for your health. In addition to this, a health insurance plan can help to ensure that you have top quality healthcare should you need it.

This means:
  • Shorter waiting lists
  • Quick access to specialist doctors
  • Comfortable and private surroundings
  • Treatment when it's convenient for you

Who is health insurance for?

Anyone! Freedom covers all ages from children, adults, and up to age 75.  Whether you are:
  • A single person just starting out in your career
  • A couple looking for extra cover
  • A self-employed person looking for cover to help reduce time off work and lost income
  • A family looking for cover for adults and children
  • Single-parent family looking for cover for themselves
  • A busy professional who wants comprehensive cover for all the possibilities
  • A couple with grownup children looking for cover during their mature years
  • Someone who works at home and abroad
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Is it expensive?

Freedom offers health insurance and medical cover with unprecedented flexibility. Our policies start from as little as 95 pence a day.

What kind of things could health insurance cover?

You can tailor each of our products to the level you would like covered. All of our policies cover in-patient treatment (in a hospital) as well as cancer treatment.

You can also add in:

  • Out-patient treatment
  • Physiotherapy and other alternative care
  • Optical, dental and GP costs
  • Psychiatric care

Is it complicated to get cover?

Getting cover is simple. You can use our online quote tool, but you can also give us a call or fill in an application form. Find out more about Freedom Health Insurance policies.