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Essentials: The Facts

Key FactsA health insurance policy that allows you to use your money your way without compromising on cover is what makes Freedom Essentials unique. With many benefits included in the core cover you can be sure your health is in safe hands.

Below is a representation of the key benefits of Essentials. To see a comprehensive guide please read the Essentials Policy Summary document. Alternatively, you can also check our FAQs for more information.

Core Cover

The Freedom Essentials core cover has no annual limit and it includes:
  • Inpatient and day-patient treatment (i.e. when you are admitted to hospital)
  • MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Dental Surgery
The fixed cash benefit for each procedure is up to the limit specified in the Freedom Essentials Procedure Payment Guide.

Cancer Cash Benefit

Cells oncologyFreedom Essentials will provide a cash benefit if, as part of a course of active cancer treatment, you need a procedure or undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This is equivalent to 50% of the cash benefit you would receive for inpatient and day-patient treatment and £150 for each hospital visit to receive chemotherapy or radiotheraphy.


Outpatient Cover

Out-patientFreedom Essentials includes an optional outpatient benefit with 2 choices of annual limits (£500 or £1500) although individual limits may apply. This includes cover for:
  • X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and outpatient procedures
  • Diagnostic tests arranged by a GP
  • Physiotherapy on GP referral (up to 6 sessions)
  • Routine dental & optical
  • Maternity cash benefit

General conditions & exclusions

The following are not covered by Freedom Essentials:
For a full list of exclusions please see the Freedom Essentials Policy Document.