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Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance

Protect your health when living and working abroad with Worldwide comprehensive health insurance that covers you wherever you go.  Get a Quote

The policy that travels with you

With Freedom Worldwide you always get:

  • Full peace of mind - Your health is looked after whether you are working or living abroad.
  • Comprehensive cover -  Freedom Worldwide provides a wide range of benefits including cancer cover, private ambulance, dental benefit, repatriation benefit, maternity benefit and accidental death cover.
  • Seamless health insurance - Take the Worldwide policy when living and working abroad and seamlessly  convert to Freedom Elite when you return to the UK without loss of cover or underwriter.

Worldwide Key Features

Every policy will cover you for hospital stay and surgical treatment.

Get cash paid back to your account directly if you stay in a non charging hospital.

Includes travel for dependent(s) or close business colleague and compassionate emergency visits.

Includes: maintenance, palliative treatment, drugs/dressings.

Includes: routine maternity care, accommodation for mother and baby at the hospital.

Includes: osteopath, accupuncture and  physiotherapthy.

The worldwide health insurance that gives you full peace of mind

Wherever life takes you, international health cover will provide you with the health protection and support you need. With a flexible range of benefits you will always find the best cover for you and your family. 

Core In-Patient and Out-Patient cover

All  worldwide health insurance polices include cover for:
  • In-Patient accommodation and medical fees
  • Surgeons fees
  • Out-Patient (after in-patient stay)
  • Repatriation
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Cover Where You Are:

Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance gives you the choice of the world’s treatment centres.

You can get treated anywhere within your designated area.



Worldwide excluding USA  


Pay how you like

When you're abroad you need flexibility:

  • You can pay in dollars, pounds or euros and your policy can be paid back to you in the same currency.
  • You can also choose to pay annually, quarterly or monthly
  • Change your excess to suit your budget

Tailored health insurance

Add the extras you need, don't pay for the ones you don't.

'Top up’ your policy with what you need, whether that’s dental care, maternity cover or physiotherapy: You can tailor your package...More

We are with you all the way

If you return to the UK you can seamlessly transfer back to Freedom Elite, our UK private medical insurance scheme without loss of underwriting...More

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