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Switching between Elite and Worldwide

In a global economy with increasing international trade and worldwide communications, living and working abroad is more common than ever. Finding a health insurance plan that is not only comprehensive but also fully flexible, simple and cost effective can be extremely difficult. 

Transferring from an international health insurance plan to a domestic one and vice versa can be very complicated, time consuming and often involves loss of underwriting terms. But this is not the case with Freedom Health insurance policies.

Freedom Health offers an innovative solution to all our Freedom Elite and Freedom Worldwide customers. You can now switch from Freedom Elite to Freedom Worldwide when you are abroad and then revert back to Freedom Elite once you return to the UK.

No change of underwriting. No hassle. No extra costs. 

All extra benefits will be subject to the Moratorium. Rules and guidelines apply:
  • Cover must be in place for a period of 12 months
  • There can only be one switch throughout the year and then again at renewal
  • All extra benefits will be underwritten on a new moratorium
  • Annual contract will be required
  • Exclusions may vary between the two products
If you think you may be working, living or volunteering between the UK and overseas please contact us to discuss your options.